In a dazzling display of camaraderie and athletic prowess, the Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) recently celebrated its 25th founding anniversary with a Sportsfest. The momentous occasion was marked by the lighting of the torch, symbolizing the unity and commitment of MEPCOM’s members. Under the auspicious presence of CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, Commander, MEPCOM, at PCG Gymnasium Coast Guard Base Farola on 22-23 June 2023.

The sportsfest, a centerpiece of the anniversary celebration, showcased the physical prowess and sportsmanship of MEPCOM’s dedicated members. The friendly yet competitive atmosphere embodied the ethos of MEPCOM, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving common goals.

As MEPCOM embarks on the next chapter of its journey, the 25th founding anniversary celebration serves as a reminder of the organization’s resilience and unwavering commitment to environmental protection. With the continued guidance of CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO.