The Marine Environmental Protection Command conducted the Ceremonial Pinning of Marine Science Technician (MST) Badge presided by CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO on 13 June 2023 at Headquarters, MEPCOM, Coast Guard Base Farola, Binondo, Manila.

MST Honorary Badge was awarded to five distinguished individuals, including CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO (Commander, MEPCOM), CG COMMO TEOTIMO R BORJA JR (Deputy Commander, MEPCOM), CG COMMO FIDELES D SALLIDAO (Director, NOCOP), CG CAPT PATRICK G BABAG (Commander, MEPOP) and CG CAPT RICHARD Q PARAGAS (Chief of MEP Staff). These badges represent their outstanding contributions in the field of marine science.

In addition, CG COMMO EDUARDO P DE LUNA was awarded the MST Regular Badge for his exceptional performance and commitment on his duties as the Commander, Marine Science Investigation Force (MSIF).

The MST Badge was created thru collaboration and team effort of MSIF personnel to establish a distinction of specialization and expertise among PCG personnel in line with Science, Research and Technical knowledge.