Deputy Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command, CG COMMO ALLEN J DALANGIN, together with Acting Superintendent, Marine Environmental Protection Training Institute (MEPTI), CG CAPT PATRICK G BABAG, Chief of MEP Staff, CG CAPT RICHARD Q PARAGAS and Deputy Commander, Marine Science Investigation Force (MSIF), CG CDR GRACE I CAMPOS, headed the Closing Ceremony of Basic MEP Orientation Course Class 22, 23 & 24-2023 and Convening Ceremony of MEPFOR Commanderโ€™s Course Class 01-2023 and Water Safety, Rescue and Survival Techniques (WASAR) Training Class 02-2023 at PCG Gymnasium, Coast Guard Base Farola, yesterday, September 2023.

Eighty-one (81) composed the graduating students of BMEPOC Class 22, 23 & 24-2023 after successfully completing all necessary requirements of the said course. Followed by the convening ceremony of MEPFOR Commanderโ€™s Course Class 01-2023 composed of twelve (12) officers which aims to prepare the officers to become confident and effective leaders of Marine Environmental Protection Force.

Furthermore, MEPCOM convened the Water Safety, Rescue, and Survival Techniques (WASAR) Training Class 02-2023 with forty-five (45) students: eight (๐Ÿ˜Ž officers and thirty-seven (37) non-officers to provide essential training to personnel, equipping them with fundamental life-saving skills and competencies while also raising their understanding of the importance of being prepared and ready. This training aims to improve their proficiency in conducting maritime search and rescue operations.

In his speech, CG COMMO ALLEN J DALANGIN congratulates the newly graduates as well as the students of MEPFOR Commanderโ€™s Course and WASAR and hopes that their efforts continue to inspire and ignite the flame of change in others. May they all work together to protect and preserve the wondrous oceans that sustain us all.