𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐊: Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, together with Commander, Marine Science Investigation Force (MSIF) CG COMMO EDUARDO P DE LUNA JR, Director, National Operations for Oil Pollution (NOCOP), CG COMMO FIDELES D SALLIDAO, and Acting Superintendent, Marine Environmental Protection Training Institute (MEPTI), CG CAPT PATRICK G BABAG headed the Closing Ceremony of Basic MEP Orientation Course (BMEPOC) CL 15, CL 16, CL 17, CL 18, CL 19, CL 20 & CL 21-2023, and Convening Ceremony of BMEPOC CL 22, CL 23 & CL 24-2023 aboard PCG Gymnasium, Coast Guard Base Farola, last 14 August 2023.

One hundred seventy-seven (177) students composed the graduating classes of the BMEPOC CL 15, CL 16, CL 17, CL 18, CL 19, CL 20, and CL 21-2023 after successfully completing all necessary requirements of the said course. It was then followed by the Convening Ceremony of BMEPOC Class CL 22, CL 23, and CL 24-2023, which is composed of Seventy-one (71) students.

In his speech, CG VADM PATRIMONIO congratulates the graduates and participants for their remarkable achievements. As they set sail into the horizon, they carry the responsibility to shape and safeguard the future, knowing that it is within their hands to make a lasting impact.

The primary objective of this course is to provide MEPCOM personnel with the fundamental knowledge and essential skills necessary for effectively executing the MEP responsibilities under the jurisdiction of this Command.