LOOK: The Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) Conducted Reception Rites to its newly aboard Officers and Non-Officers.

On 16 August 2023, CG VADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, Commander, MEPCOM, spearheaded the Traditional Reception Rites to its newly reported Thirty (30) Officers and Two hundred fifty (250) Non-Officers at Coast Guard Base Farola Parade Ground, Binondo Manila.

Comprising a series of six (6) stations, each encompassing 15 minutes, these rites serve as a gateway in welcoming new personnel to their new unit, promotes unity, shared values, and a sense of belongingness. Central to the success of this process are the designated Officer-in-Charge and Petty Officer-in-Charge at every station, guiding newcomers through a seamless transition.

As PCG organizations continues to evolve, these Reception Rites remain a timeless and vital tradition that must not be forgotten.