LOOK: The Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) through MEP Staff for Community Relations, M7, headed by CG ENS ERNESTO IGUSGUISA II, and Marine Environmental Protection Training Institute (MEPTI) personnel conducted an information and education campaign on proper waste management among grade five students of Pedro Guevara Elementary School located at 302 San Fernando St., San Nicolas, Binondo, Manila, last 20 November 2023.

About five hundred nine (509) grade five students attended the said event. This campaign will help the students have a deeper understanding of the effects of introducing waste into the marine environment and enable the younger generation to have a greater appreciation of the different ways of protecting and preserving our natural resources.

MEPCOM regularly organizes coastal clean-ups, mangrove tree planting activities, and community education programs as part of carrying out its primary core functions on marine environmental protection.