Coast Guard Base Farola (CGBF) rendered arrival honors and held a thanksgiving celebration for the newly promoted flag rank officers of the Philippine Coast Guard on Thursday, 02 March 2023, aboard PCG Gymnasium, CGBF, Binondo, Manila.

CG CAPT JONATHAN P GALAM, Commander of CGBF, received the newly promoted admirals where two of the newly promoted flag rank officers came from the Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM). Commander, MEPCOM a leader and epitome of excellence, CG VADM ROBERT NOBLE PATRIMONIO.

Secondly, the very eager and supportive Deputy Commander, MEPCOM and and the Commander of Coast Guard District National Capital Region – Central Luzon, CG RADM HOSTILLO ARTURO EGAY CORNELIO.

MEPCOM is indeed truly blessed to be at the hands of the two most admired leaders of the PCG organization whose passion is to serve their people selflessly and who embody the core values of this beloved organization. MEPCOM is certain to achieve its mission and continually perform its mandates through the guidance of these leaders whose aim is excellence.

Again, congratulations on your well-deserved promotion, CG VADM ROBERT NOBLE PATRIMONIO and CG RADM HOSTILLO ARTURO EGAY CORNELIO, Sir!