Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command, CG RADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO together with Chief of MEP Staff, CG CAPT XERXES PROCESO N FERNANDEZ and Superintendent, Marine Environmental Protection Training Center, CG LTJG GERALD L CORDERO headed the convening ceremony of the Basic Marine Environmental Protection Course (BMNOC) Class 03, 04, 05, 06, and 07-2022 through a hybrid ceremony last 28 June 2022.

Moreover, CG CAPT XERXES PROCESO N FERNANDEZ will be the course director for BMNOC Class 03 and 04 2022 with a total of 49 trainees aboard HMPETC-Bataan while CG ENS ROLAND E JEOGARTY JR for the BMNOC Class 06-2022 with 21 trainees aboard MEPForce-STL; CG ENS JINKY A COLLADA for BMNOC Class 05-2022 with 20 aboard MEPForce-NM; and CG ENS VENZ ZEANTH JILL M ERODIAS for the BMNOC Class 07-2022 with 17 aboard MEPForce-EV.

The Basic Marine Environmental Protection Course is a three-month long course with seven (7) modules which is designed to inculcate the core knowledge of marine environmental protection principles and doctrines in the students to ensure the effectiveness and competency in their future undertaking in performing the MEP duties and responsibilities.





{Photo Courtesy of MEPCOM}