01 APRIL 2022 – The Marine Environmental Protection Command through the Marine Science Investigation Force, supports and participates in PICES collector deployment operation, subservient to the “PORTEC Project Year 2” in three selected areas (Manila, Batangas, and Subic, Zambales) on 31 March 2022 to 01 April 2022.

Marine Science Technicians together with UP Personnel, led by LTJG ELLA MAE L LESCANO deployed a total of 72 PICES collectors in three sampling sites: Manila International Container Terminal (MICT), Cunanan Wharf, and Manila Ocean Park, located in the Manila area on 31 March 2022.

CG LTSG ROLAND A BARIA led his team on the deployment of 45 PICES Collectors in Port of Batangas, Brgy Santa Clara, Batangas City and 45 PICES collectors where deployed in Subic, Zambales headed by CG ENS KIM C MOLO on 01 April 2022.

MEPCOM participated in the research program in establishing baseline data for Philippine compliance with the International Maritime Organizations (IMO), as well as the enforcing agency of the Ballast Water Management Convention and Anti-biofouling System.