29 March 2022 – Marine Environmental Protection Command held its First Command Conference at PCG Gymnasium, Coast Guard Base Farola, Binondo, Manila. The said event was presided over by CG RADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, Commander, MEPCOM with the new Deputy Commander, MEPCOM, CG COMMO HOSTILLO ARTURO E CORNELIO, attended by the MEPFORCE Commanders, Officers, and personnel.

The conference provided a venue to disseminate updates, air concerns in their respective areas, and issues for discussion. The highlight of the presentation was MEPCOM’s Plans & Programs in carrying out CPCGs thrusts on the administrative and operational functions. CG RADM PATRIMONIO, Commander, MEPCOM concluded the conference by emphasizing the definition of MEPCOM, which stands for Motivate, Educate, Professionalize, Collaborate, Operationalize, and Mentor.

Moreover, the Command commends CG SCPO Leomelio T Encio for his well-deserved promotion as Master Chief Petty Officer and has served MEPCOM for seventeen (17) years. During his career, he held various positions such as Commander of MEPFORCE-Eastern Visayas, Commander of MEPFORCE-Western Visayas, CMAA of NOCOP, CMAA of MEPCOM, and presently the Command Master Chief, MEPCOM.

Throughout his time serving the Philippine Coast Guard and achieving this momentous career, he has remained true to his often quotation that “it is better to build the bridges, not the wall.”