22-24 NOVEMBER 2021 – Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) conducted a three (3) day MEPFORCE Assessment Conference as a major part of the 2nd MEPCOM Summit 2021. The said activity is in a form of a workshop that covered the major issues of MEPCOM such as Policy Evaluation of existing Memorandum Circulars (MC) and Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) particularly the Prompt Reporting System (PRS). Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), as well as Goals for 2022, was also covered on the last day of the activity.

The said activity was presided by CG RADM ROLANDO LIZOR N PUNZALAN JR, Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM), and was attended by MEP Staff, MEP Department Heads, and MEPFORCE Commanders which was held at different venues such as CG Fleet, PCG Gymnasium, and HMEPCOM respectively.

The conduct of the 2nd MEPCOM Summit 2021, aims to determine the responsiveness and effectiveness of the newly adopted MEPCOM Systems and Policies as well as to assess the accomplishments and effectiveness of its MEP Force Units.

The last program of the summit started with the presentation of the amended Standard Operating Procedure on Prompt Reporting System Identification of Performance Indicator, Personnel Distribution and Rotation Policy; and Memorandum for KPIs expected in MEPFORCES that was eventually signed by Commander, MEPCOM. This was followed by the Awarding Ceremony of MEP Staff and MEPFORCE Commanders for their untiring efforts and invaluable achievements in the efficient and effective delivery of their mandated tasks.




{Photos Courtesy of HMEPCOM}