06-08 DECEMBER 2021 – Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) conducted a three (3) day Year-End Assessment 2021 wherein the Program Review Assessment and MEPCOM Accomplishments for CY 2021 were presented. Highlights of the activity were the identification of specific development goals achieved by the Command in the year 2021, presentation of results of the ISO 9001-2015 Audit, Project Procurement Management Plan time framing execution, proposed Annual Plans and Budget for the year 2022, as well as the implementation of the targeted activities for next year using Gantt Chart as a planning execution tool.

The said activity was presided by CG RADM ROLANDO LIZOR N PUNZALAN JR, Commander, MEPCOM, and was attended by MEP Unit/Offices Heads and all HMEPCOM Officers.

The conduct of the said activity is important for assessing progress and is a good opportunity to discuss strategies and plans to be implemented by the Command.

On the last day of the program, a thanksgiving celebration was held at the PCG Gymnasium, Coast Guard Base Farola which was attended by all Officers and Non-Officers of HMEPCOM. This celebration is part of the annual tradition of gathering and fellowship before the end of the year to promote a harmonious relationship between the personnel of this Command.


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{Photos Courtesy of MEPCOM}