•MEP-AcCeS was activated in virtue of NHQ-GO 693 dated 08 December 2020 effective as of 02 December 2020.

•MEP-AcCeS was mandated to facilitate the process of the issuances of mandatory Certification, Accreditation, and Registration in compliance with Sec 3 para n of RA 9993, HPCG MEP Memorandum Circulars and MARPOL 73/78 related  regulations;

• Aims to render a fast, reliable and quality service to clienteles; and

• Provide accurate, transparent, and real-time data information and document tracking system.

In order to prevent further transmission of COVID-19, MEP Accreditation and Certification Services formulated a system to have a cash-less transaction for the safety of stakeholders and PCG personnel.

MEP Accreditation and Certification Services (MEPACCES)
Coast Guard Base Farola, Muelle dela Industria, Farola Compound, Binondo, Manila.
Email: MEP_acces@coastguard.gov.ph
Contact no: 09171467304