Fifteen (15) MEPFORCE Commnaders gathered together with CG RADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO JR, Commander, MEPCOM; CG COMMO ARTURO HOSTILLO E CORNELIO, Deputy Commander; and CG CAPT FIDELES D SALLIDAO, Director, NOCOP to conduct the MEPFORCE Assessment Conference for the second quarter last 12 July 2022 at Bayview Park, Ermita, Manila.

Each Commander, MEPForce presented their activities and accomplishments in regards with their KPIs for the second quarter of the year. Moreover, the MEPFORCE commanders also rendered their respective issues and concerns in their AOR to the MEPCOM Leadership which graciously gave their wisdom and guidance to the raised matter.

Furthermore, CG CAPRT XERXES PROCESO N FERNANDEZ, Chief-of-MEP Staff, reviewed the SOP on Real-time Prompt Reporting System (RT-PCR) and the Strategic Development Plans (SDP) which the Philippine Coast Guard will use to determine its future goal as an organization.

CG RADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command, concluded the summit with his guidance to all of the MEPFORCE Commanders. He lauded the accomplishments of each MEPFORCE and challenged them to continue to excel in the performance of MEP functions in their AOR.




{Photo Courtesy of MEPCOM}