In connection with the 121st PCG Anniversary and the celebration of the International Clean Up Day last 17 September 2022, CG RADM ROBERT N PATRIMONIO, Commander, Marine Environmental Protection Command spearheaded the clean up drive at the Dolomite Beach, Manila Bay, Manila.

This clean-up effort was performed all over the country by the fifteen (15) MEPFORCES and several sites in Metro Manila such as Dolomite Beach, SM by the Bay, Escolta Ferry Station, and Lawton Ferry Station. Additionally, the Office of the DCCGS for MEP, CG9, Coast Guard District NCR-CL, other Coast Guard units, other government agencies and non-government agency were also present and shared efforts to clean up different water ways.

The International Coastal Clean Up Day is celebrated by countries all over the world which aims to engage people to remove trash from beaches and other bodies of water. It was in 1986 when the First International CleanUp Day was first organized by the Ocean Conservancy together with other organizations and volunteers. From its establishment the movement has gone a long way, it has been estimated that there are atleast six (6, 000, 000) million clean up volunteers in over ninety (90) countries. In 2018, it was reported that atleast twenty-three million (23, 000, 000) pounds of trash from beaches and coastlines were removed.

In MEPFORCE NCR-CL alone, the different MEP Groups have collected a total of one thousand five hundred fifty-one (1,551) sacks of marine litter. Through active participation in these events, the Marine Environmental Protection Command performs its mandate to mitigate and rehabilitate the marine environment. The command through its MEPFORCES also conducts Scubasurero and monthly coastal clean up as part of their function.




{Photo Courtesy of MEPCOM}