The Marine Environmental Protection Force NCR-CL (MEPFORCE NCR-CL) received information on or about 241830H April 2021 regarding the alleged dumping of liquid waste at vicinity waters off Manila Bay near Manila Yacht Club. The said force immediately directed the Marine Environmental Protection Group Manila (MEP Group Manila) to proceed to the aforementioned area to verify the said report.

On 25 0800H April 2021, MEP Group Manila together with Coast Guard Sub-Station CCP onboard rigid hull inflatable boat proceeded to the location of the suspected vessel to have discharged the liquid waste. Thereat, the vessel identified was MV Sarangani where only the caretaker/oiler Mr. Escolastico Bunyi was onboard. The team immediately conducted an interrogation with MR. Bunyi followed by investigation inside the said vessel.

Initial investigation revealed that the discharged waste came from the cooling system of said vessel. The team immediately collected samples to confirm the cause of discoloration of cooling system discharge to Marine Scientific Investigation Force (MSIForce). The team also issued MEP Inspection Apprehension Report to MV Sarangani in violation of paragraph 4A of PCG-MEPCOM Memorandum Circular 01-2005 “Revised Rules on Prevention, Containment, Abatement and Control of Oil Marine Pollution”.