MAREP Class 35-2020 Formally Completed Online Functional Course

The Marine Environmental Protection Commandโ€™s thrust to produce competent and skilled MEP personnel is being cascaded through its training center โ€“ the Marine Environmental Protection Training Center. Being a functional command, MEPCOM offers a functional course that focuses on the protection and prevention of marine-related pollution.

The advent of the pandemic proved to be detrimental in all aspects of life. The normal life that we are all used to was drastically changed especially in the field of education. To still cater to the students of MAREP CL 35-2020, MEPTC formulated an online module. With the aid of technology and advances in online communication, the students were able to learn every lesson with high understanding. Nevertheless, the training center realizes that real-life application is still more effective, thus, an activity for operating various marine pollution combating equipment was conducted.

Last February 22, 2021, twenty-five strong members of MAREP Class 35-2020 formally graduated from their online functional course. The said activity was graced by the Commander, MEPCOM READ ADMIRAL ALLEN T TORIBIO PCG. In compliance with strict health protocols, the graduation was held via an online platform. With five months and three weeks duration of the course, MEPTC is confident that it has imparted all the necessary knowledge and skills that will help the graduates to navigate through their coast guard career.