Marine Environmental Protection Force Southern Tagalog

Area of Responsibility

Brief History

On 04 May 1976, the MEP Unit of Coast Guard District Southern Tagalog, formerly known as the National Operation Center for Oil Pollution (NOCOP) was established and attached to the Coast Guard Station Batangas located at Sta. Clara Port, Batangas City. It was headed by the very first designated POIC MEPO, PO1 Rolando C Patero PN.

In 1983, the NOCOP functions were integrated with the Coast Guard District, and thereafter, the NOCOP detachment was upgraded and renamed the Fifth Marine Environmental Protection Office (5MEPO).

The existence of 5MEPO was made significant with the advent in 1997 of Marine Pollution (MARPOL)/Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (OSPAR) equipment that was donated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Under the custody of CGDSTL. The said equipment was stored in a 20 footer container van.

Eventually, on 30 May 1998, pursuant to Section 1 of General Order Nr. 151, the Philippine Coast Guard expanded NOCOP into a major unit renamed as Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM).

On 14 November 2006, with CDR MANUEL B TAMONDONG PCG at the helm as the Acting Officer in Charge, the 5th Marine Environmental Protection Unit (5MEPU) to implement and enforce MEP rules and regulations in seven provinces and four cities under southern Tagalog.

The 5MEPU was then renamed to Marine Environmental Protection Unit Southern Tagalog (MEPU-STL).

On 31 July 2020, renaming the MEPU-STL to MEP Force – STL pursuant to GO Nr. 021 and subunit under CG Stations renamed from MEP-Office to MEP Group pursuant to GO Nr. 026 effective July 29, 2020, and has maintained its name and prominence up to this date.

Gallery of Significant Activities